The Sterling Difference

"Your courtesy, professional dress, and care you took with the participants vehicles was stellar." -Joni T. Ashton, Maricopa City Fire Dept.

Our focus on efficiency, innovation, integrity, and work ethic are apparent and ingrained within the core of our company. At Sterling Hotel Partners, we have created a unique, boutique, and completely different approach.

We will help you get the most out of your operation to ensure efficiency and increase your bottom line.  We constantly monitor and measure every aspect of our business including employee efficiency, parking lot maximization, car volumes and customer/ guest satisfaction.

Revenue Control
Sterling Valet is committed to strong revenue control procedures so we can guarantee that our clients are gaining the most from the parking operation from daily accounting to weekly auditing. At the end of each day, Sterling Valet reconciles our parking logs with total revenue and then submits a detailed report to our client ‘s night audit team. Sterling Valet also reconciles with our client’s accounting department. We also have strict procedures while handling cash as well as tickets since each ticket has a cash value. So, a missing ticket is lost revenue.

Allocated Resources
We are able to fully staff for large events even with short notice because we allocate our resources to target specific markets and we obtain multiple clients within that region. This gives us an abundance of trained staff within a region that can provide additional service when needed.

Parking Procedures and Logistics
To ensure proper traffic flow, safety, and to maximize the available parking, we will develop a detailed parking plan and follow parking procedures.

Software and Equipment
Sterling Valet utilizes the most advanced software and equipment from our online employee scheduling program to parking systems. Sterling Valet will assess each clients need on the technology to implement at each parking operation.

We offer a boutique experience so we can customize a valet experience unique to you so your image can be felt and seen from the moment a guest arrives. Our uniforms, equipment, and concepts will be as unique as your brand. Let us show you the difference an image can make.