"Even the valet parker caught the spirit: spotting us leaving, he sprinted to retrieve our car before I handed him the ticket" -Seftel, H. (2010, August 9) Lon's. The Arizona Republic

In order for us to provide our clients with exceptional service, we need exceptional team members. We are looking for individuals that are honest, personable, and share the same goal that first and last impressions can be made one car at a time.  We have high expectations for all Sterling Valet team members, but that’s what it takes to deliver the highest quality service. Thank you for your interest in our company and we look forward to the opportunity of having you on our team.

We are:

  • Passionate about providing exceptional service
  • Client-service oriented
  • Responsible, professional, and take pride in our unwavering integrity
  • Strong communicators who are energized by collaborating in teams
  • Thirsty to learn and grow
  • Committed to leading the parking industry by delighting our clients and delivering award-winning service.


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