"We value our partnership with Sterling Valet and certainly appreciate your commitment to our establishment!" -Tim Jesson, GM, The Hermosa Inn

Sterling Valet provides customizable boutique-style valet parking services, where our customer is our number one priority. We utilize technology and non-traditional practices to maximize our client’s revenue while improving customer service. We help our clients standout from the rest by providing an innovative solution from incorporating technology to unique style, all while being a green company.

While other valet parking companies just focus on creating a first impression, we asked the question, “Why stop there?”  We provide service to our clients from the perspective of a partner, not a vendor so our interest goes far beyond just greeting guests and parking cars.  We are interested in contributing to your overall success and growth.

With our partner philosophy, we focus on 3 key areas:

  1. Increase Your Bottom Line
    By being the first and last individuals to interact with your guests, we leverage this position by implementing techniques to increase your profits and improve customer service.  While most of these techniques are subtle, most importantly they have been proven to work.
  2. Represent and Project Your Brand
    When successfully carried out, an image is more than just an optical appearance.  It is an experience that affects customer satisfaction and loyalty.  From the moment your guests arrive, they will “feel” the brand you have created through the service we have tailored to you.
  3. Provide Unparalleled Customer Service
    With over 15 years of experience, over 2 million cars parked, a goal of 100% client retention and with the lowest employee turnover in the industry, we thoroughly understand the parking business and how to park cars safely and efficiently.  The difference is our partnership philosophy.  In fact, it is ingrained in our culture and every employee of Sterling takes great pride in executing this belief.

Sterling Valet Provides Services To:

 Hotels & Resorts
Golf & Country Clubs
Surface Lot & Parking Garages
Special Events

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